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Women Lifting Up Women For His Glory

Our mission, as a non-profit organization, is to educate, nurture and build women up spiritually and emotionally to bring hope and self-worth back into their lives.

Why: Empowerment, Encouragement, Enrichment

Our Vision

We foresee a stronger culture of women when they obtain healing from abandonment and abusive relationships; a lack of self-confidence is demolished by bringing hope to the forefront, which will destroy and eliminate self-defeat from their minds and hearts.

Our Core Values

We value the life of every woman, nationally and internationally. We help transform lives by developing an open and honest relationship with them. We are committed to teach them biblical principles and personal strategies to help overcome self-defeat and learn how to obtain personal growth.

Outreach Programs

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Linda (Faylin) Brown

Our First Missionary Trip

This special outreach missionary trip will be our first of many to the beautiful continent of of AFRICA. We will be going to the Pearl of Africa! "The most beautiful country in the continent" -

God has been gracious to us to plan this first trip and we will be doing future trips there after. If you are interested in joining us on the next missions trip please contact us and leave your details and I will get back to you personally!

Our Photo Gallery

The Extra-Ordinary Journey From A Worldly Love to A Godly Love

By Linda Brown

The Extra-Ordinary Journey From A Worldly Love to A Godly Love is a piece of my life and others' lives where we share our experiences of pain and disappointment from divorce and broken relationships.

These true stories of the piercing events that transpired in our lives took us to dark places and made many of us lose hope in love until we went through our healing process and discovered what genuine love is.

Some of the stories may make you laugh, cry, or just shake your head (SMH)!

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Experience Salvation: An Invitation to Embrace Christ’s Love Dear Friends, Have you ever felt lost, searching for meaning and purpose in this vast world? Are you yearning for peace, joy, and eternal life? I invite you to embark on a

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