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December 2023 Shea Beauty News

“Unwrap Joy: Customized Christmas Gift Baskets Tailored to You!”

Option# 1:

🎉 Crafting customized gift baskets tailored to your preferences! Visit our online store on the above menu, explore our diverse selection, and when you’ve found the perfect combination do the following:

1- Add the sizes and fragrances to your shopping cart,

2- Then add one of the DIY Christmas gift set in the menu of $8, $10 or $12.

3- Then Checkout🤑

We’re here to bring your unique gifting vision to life. 🎄


“Indulge in the joy of gifting! If you prefer a delightful surprise, opt for our $20, $45, or $65 Christmas Gift basket, and let us craft a customized masterpiece just for you. Visit our online shop, explore the diverse selection on choices, let us know if it’s for a male or female to make this holiday season extra special!”

Happy Shopping!🎁

Got questions? We Got Answers!

“Make it the Scent Combo You Like”
“Large Gift Basket $60 & Up”
Medium Gift Basket $40 & up.
“Small Gift Basket $20 & up. “
🎉Friday -Monday 12:00 midnight 🎄30% EVERY THING. Use Code: BFBEAUTY30
“Christmas Gift Baskets”
November 2023 – Page 1
$5 each mini size
November 2023 – Page 2

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