Autumn’s Whispers

Autumn’s Joys

Within Autumn’s tender grasp, a fragrant charm,
The breeze, crisp, whispers stories to disarm,
The leaves, like parchment, rustling in their play,
In harmony, they sing the waning day.

A canvas painted with amber and with gold,
The scent of earth, where memories unfold,
A fragrance carried on the gentle breeze,
In Autumn’s hug, our hearts find sweet release.

With every step, a satisfying sound,
A sonnet hummed by leaves on the ground,
The world adorned in Nature’s grand ballet,
In Autumn’s waltz, we cast our cares away.

So inhale the essence of this splendid time,
As golden leaves descend in graceful rhyme,
In Autumn’s grace, our spirits wander free,
A season’s gift, pure beauty, and decree.

Autumn’s Joys
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