Perilous Times – Are You Ready?

The bible story of the 5 foolish virgins came to my mind when I was traveling on a little getaway to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, during the gas debacle that had transpired during this month from Virginia – Florida. I had planned this trip about a month or so prior to the news to get away for my birthday and to finish writing my manuscript for my soon to be released book on a Love Journey. During my drive there, my plan was to keep filling up on gas when my needle would get about 3/4 remaining (which I did).

If you are not familiar with the bible story of the “Parable of Ten Virgins”, let me give you a brief overview. In the book of Matthew 25:1-13, Jesus talks about the five virgins which were foolish and the five which were wise. — So, a quick summary, the ten brought their lamps with them as they were going to meet the bridegroom, but only five of them brought extra oil with them. Now during their travel to meet the bridegroom (the bridegroom was delayed) the virgins fell asleep while waiting on him. He eventually got there and at the (midnight hour – [a time unexpected]) a sound came forth that he has arrived, and words were spoken to go and meet him. Now, the wise had enough oil to go on to continue the journey and of course the foolish did not have any and wanted to borrow some from the other virgins. The wise virgins said no because they would not have enough for themselves to continue on. The wise suggested to the foolish to go and find some oil from the merchants, but when the foolish came back from getting the oil, Jesus has shut the door already and they could not come into the wedding. They asked Jesus to open the door and he said, I do not know you and did not open the door back up. (OH MY GOD!) can you imagine hearing those words when Jesus returns?) Now, there are so many nuggets in this story, but I can not give it all to you in this blog.

But one or two nuggets I will try my best to give to you now. The oil represent the Holy Spirit and the Bridegroom represent Jesus and the meet up is the return of Christ. The midnight hour represents, that Jesus is coming back at a time no one knows. The story is about are you prepared to meet Jesus when he comes back for his church to take us with him? (us the Christians). Wow, this story is so profound, I will need to do a separate blog about it to just share the story with you.

So, now back to my travel to South Carolina, I continued to watch my gas gauge and I made a quick stop to my cousin’s house in North Carolina for a rest stop and to fuel up once more. As reported in the news, gas stations from that point on started to have signs placed on the pumps “out of gas”. The only gas that was available was the 87 grade, which was the grade I used. (Praise Jesus!) So, I had reached my destination and when I arrived I had exactly 300 miles of gas that I could use while I was in Myrtle Beach or to return home with. (Father, Son, Holy Spirit = 3) and me being obedient to the Holy Spirit, I reserved my oil and parked my car as I knew that 300 miles would take me back north up to Virginia where there was more gas.

So, everywhere I went while I was in North Myrtle Beach was at walking distance. Also, before I arrived at the resort, I went to the supermarket and brought groceries to cook during my stay, so I did not have to go out to restaurants and eat. Let me tell you sisters and brothers, I rejoiced, and I thanked God while I was having a glorious worship experience with Him. I was in my room looking through the doors of the balcony, at the ocean view, thanking Him for who He is. I was celebrating Him because of how He took care of me and gave me wisdom. I am constantly on my knees, asking for wisdom, understanding, guidance and for me to be ready when he comes. As I do not handle pain well in no degree, so going to hell and burning for eternity is not an option for me! I do not want you to go either. So please, check your self and do a self-examination on where you are in your walk with God and please confess to him that you need forgiveness and repent if that is what you need in your walk with him.

I know I am saying so many things to you in this blog today and I pray to God, that you are getting the messages.

Think Abouts and Take Aways:

1. Are you prepared for Jesus? Are you sure he will not shut the door on you when you try to get in after you ran out of oil?

2. No one know when Jesus is coming back, he does not even know, the word of God says only the Father know when.

(Matthew 24:36)“But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone.

3. If you do not know Jesus or have a relationship with him, I invite you today at this very moment to Admit you are a sinner, Confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and Believe in your heart, that God raised him from the dead…. (Romans 10:9)

4. Read Romans 3:23 – All have sinned

Thank you for taking time out to read this today, I pray that you have been blessed and if you want me to go into more detail about the 10 virgin’s parable shoot me a message. Remember, I do all this For His Glory and stay safe and trust God!

Linda Faylin Brown

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