The Book …”Worldly Love 2 Godly Love”


Below is an excerpt from my newest published book. “The Extraordinary Journey From a Wordly Love to a Godly Love”

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Enjoy this snippet:

This particular poem was written to demonstrate the nonsensical shenanigans we subject or subjected ourselves to trying to find “Worldly Love.”

True Story-

The Circular Error🚫♥️🚫

She is running away from him toward the other.

The other is running away from her toward another!

They have tasted the forbidden fruit; now it appears that it was the root of this idiotic cahoots…

Her mental stimulation, soothing heart, and serene soul are the crown they all wanted to behold…

What an incredible package, yet you would never know that something was lacking.

She came perfectly wrapped in an exotic fruit basket, waiting for someone to have the ability and the courage to grasp it…

Generations of traumatic events prevented them from showing love and affection.

A lifetime of fears and oppression prevented their ability to obtain a forever love connection…

They were obsessed with her beauty, yet they could not fathom her unpredictability.

She was a high-maintenance, whether she admitted it or not, but her thirst for love could have possibly brought down her desired beauty price…

Who can catch anyone while we are in the chasing?

This, for certain, is a no-win situation…

What a preposterous cruel cycle, as precious time is a-wasting…

We all are moving targets, yearning to be caught-

-caught by the one who our heart so desires. We are all losers in this vicious race.

Our brains are exhausted, minds overstimulated…why can’t we just give ourselves a break?

Our hearts are all in distress as we constantly engage in this addictive circular mess!

(Linda “Faylin” Brown)

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