“The Dynamic Dual”

(Aquila & Priscilla)

“Just do nothing” is what my friend said to me when I briefly discussed my marriage situation with them. Those words “just do nothing” may be easy to receive and applied to some, but for me, not so easy… Why? Because I am a person who is always (busy) doing something…  I can’t even keep still long enough to regroup, before I am moving on to the next thing.  So, I thought about those words again and again, until I wrote this blog.

Prior to writing this piece, I was overthinking what these three small words truly meant “to me”.  Yes, I could have asked my friend to elaborate, but I decided to chew on those words and figure them out for myself.  Now, since I am one of those individuals who is “always doing something”, I found that I was now assigned this God given task, which put me in a temporary quandary. I had to actually stop and think why this was said to me and what do I do with it.   So, me being me, I decided to put those words to work into a way I could comprehend, which was “biblically”.  Aha! – now, I was able to gain a better understanding more easily… “Be Still and let God do what He do”! (Psalms 46:10). 

In my published book, “The Extra-Ordinary Journey, From A Worldly Love to A Godly Love” I talk about us choosing our mates and not waiting on God to confirm the mate we should be with, and how the outcomes could be so ugly because we decided to step in and try to do God’s job for him. Because of our impatience, we often make bad decisions when it comes to relationships, then many of us become un happy and sing “woe is me” later.

This morning, as I was reading the book of Acts, chapter 18, where the Apostle Paul meets Aquila and Priscilla in Corinth.  As I continued to read other chapters that referenced them such as (Romans 16:3-5; 1 Corinthians 16:19; 2 Timothy 4:19) I noticed something remarkable about this couple; I saw a theme of togetherness. Meaning, when they were referenced in the passage, they were always spoken about as “Aquila & Priscilla” whenever they were mentioned in the bible.  They were the epitome of “being one”.  They were a dynamic dual couple.   They complemented each other, they capitalized on each other’s strengths, and they formed an effective team in marriage and ministry, they operated as one.  

What I enjoyed most as I learned about this couple; was they were in the bible to be examples of what can happen through a husband and wife. Their effectiveness together speaks volumes about their relationship with each other.

So, this led me to think about marriage in our culture today, how many are not operating as one and how there is so much division and competition in the homes and how the vows do not mean much of anything to many and the and stick-to-itiveness has dissolved. This hurts my heart desperately.   On my recent visit to Uganda, I learned about their culture and the meaning of marriage to them, and I got an understanding that their cultural purpose for marriage was for survival, family growth and love.  Here in America, many can pretty much make it on their own as a single person and therefore, it is my opinion, this is one of the reasons we may take marriage for granted.

Biblically, the purpose of marriage (man and women) is beautiful in God’s eyes.  Note: I will discuss this in more detail in my next blog – (Part 2 of 4 February’s Valentines Blogs) …

But what I wanted to also bring out in this particular blog are some points I thought were interesting and worth sharing with you from an online marriage advice site. https://www.marriage.com/.

  • “The importance of marriage has been questioned from time to time.
  • Marriage takes continuous effort and is more than rings, vows, and celebrations.
  • Marriage provides stability and a sense of belonging.
  • People often ask why marriage is important, but most of them do not understand why until they get married”.

The article also shared a few points explaining the importance of marriage

  • “Marriage is a beginning of a new chapter and many new relationships. It is the beginning of a family, your family. 
  • More than physical union, marriage is about emotional and mental support. 
  • It gives you a partner for life who will be beside you through good and bad. It gives you a person who would be there with you through your life struggles. 
  • Marriage teaches you that you can cherish love forever. A long-time commitment that can give you a chance to grow better with someone you love every day.”

I strongly suggest to those individuals’ considering marriage, to attend a few sessions of Christian marital counselling prior to getting married. Counselling is very vital because you can learn how to avoid unnecessary missteps before committing to this “life-long” union.  In addition, please remember when GOD has joined a union together, it is good!   I am also strongly for the waiting on a spouse that God has specifically prepared for you and not jump the gun to marry the one you decide you want because of your own self- seeking reasons that are worldly.   Remember, Satan can send someone to you too that you believe may be a gift from God!  —IJS. 

As Always –

For His Glory!

Fay Brown

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  1. Profound, sound and much needed information. Keep being your genuine self and posting words of edification to your audience.

  2. Thank you woman of God for sharing this with God’s people.. This is the right message in the right time.. God bless you so so much… Indeed it is for his Glory.

    • To God be the glory. If I can help just one person with the words that I am inspired to write, then I have been blessed in my spirit!

  3. More blessings.. You mean alot to many… This message touched my heart… Two people cannot walk together unless they agree to each other…Amos.3:3 is one of my verses that I love

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