What’s The 411 on Dating These Days?

Is dating still a thing of the now or is it a thing of the past? Is life so demanding nowadays that dating has been put on the back burner?  I am asking singles, couples, and married folks, what is the 411 (latest information) on this dating thing?

I can only speak for myself, I have not been on a real date in quite a while, and to be honest, it is really a bummer.  I enjoy going out and doing the bonding & the reigniting thing desperately.  These thoughts is what struck me to write (week #3 February relationship) the love month blog. I figured why not talk about it and see what is going on with other folks who are feeling as I am.

My question to you, have you too been out of the dating arena for a while and are you thinking about diving back in?  Or have you gotten stuck in a rut and just sit home on your electronic devices, eat, watch cable series etc. then go to sleep? How about you married folks, are you still keeping the fire alive in the marriage? I am trying to understand if dating is still going on strong as it did back in the day when couples had date nights and when new couples dated on regular basis to get to know each other. It is my thought that we are working too hard and not enjoying ourselves anymore. Work, work, work, and no playtime is doom and gloom.

I asked a few people from different age groups, and I have also observed a few couples, age range 25 and older and I was very surprised about what they had told me about dating today. I learned that the dating scene is not as big as it used to be prior to COVID-19. One young lady told me that she and her fiancé used to date more frequently prior to COVID, and now that the economy has plummeted there is not much regular dating going on as it was before. She also mentioned they do not have enough money to add to their budget for dating because of inflation they have just enough to pay off bills and to survive.

What I have also learned, from some individuals 35 and older is “social media” is the culprit.  We joked as I was interviewing her and said it like “their age group” is “Dating Social Media” and not the person. People are so engulfed in this type of communication now, “liking and following this person, that person, this post, and that post… they are forgetting about going out in public with the actual person, because all of their time spent with the “finger clicking away” on the phone, and computer just engaging in whatever it is one the social media that fancies them.

I have been told also that the rise in crime has been a deterrent from going out for date nights because you have to be more alert and on guard most of the time.  I can agree with this as well, but we cannot live afraid, we have to continue to live and be careful and go with our gut’s feelings.

I remember in my earlier years of marriage, we tried to keep things fresh and exciting by having a special night every month for each other. We each would have to try and outdo each other from the previous month. Oh my gosh, I had 3 weeks to figure out what I can schedule for the next date. The adrenaline of thinking of what I can come up with next was so exciting and energizing.  

Dating in a relationship is a must! Enjoy things like museums, painting with a twist, concerts, picnics, walks & a quick bite to eat, sit on the beach and watch the water before rather sun rise or stay until the tide comes in. That’s some fun stuff! I am sure there are other ideas of what fun dating is and as long as it fits your fancy, I say go for it and do not let things deter you from doing it with a potential partner or your current partner, this is the only life we have and let’s make it count with someone special.

Below are some good ideas on how to add some spice back into your relationship and ideas for those who are just getting to know each other and need a jump start on what to do and where to go on dates. Shake it up a little, get out of the typical routine and do some fun stuff again with your partner or potential partner… live a little!


My readers, tell us what things you like to do? Do you still date, if not why? What ideas do you think is worth sharing to help someone that don’t know what to do for a date night. Leave a comment and let us know some ideas!

As Alway!

Fay Brown 🤎

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